Two killed,flips onto wall in serious crash in Gulf Breeze Florida

  • Rutherford New Jersey, United States.

Two people have been killed as two cars collided in a serious crash in the 5900 block of Gulf Blvd. in St. Pete Beach on Friday night. St. Pete Beach Fire Dept. spokesperson Ernie Hand confirmed 32-year-old Pablo Alonso Mansilla-Aguinaga and 33-year-old Sandra Paulson were killed when an SUV and 4-door car collided with each other.The SUV came to rest on top of a wall and the car had serious damage to the driver's side of the vehicle. The driver of the SUV, 20-year-old Daniel Dalton Dolcater, is still hospitalized. St. Beach Police officers shutdown both lanes of Gulf Blvd. The crash happened in front of the Alden Beach Resort & Suites.Officials say Dolcater was not being pursued. An officer that was driving in the opposite direction noticed that he was speeding, turned his lights on and flipped around. "I had to call in to police and I wrote down his tag number, and told them what was going on," resident Kelly Hosey said after she said she saw the SUV speeding through her neighborhood. The accident happened just after the officer's vehicle turned around. "The SUV hit the silver car, the silver car got stuck and pushed back towards the hotel and the suv flipped on top of the fountain," witness Samantha Kelley said. The SUV hit a curb, went airborne about three feet, then hit the car, then went up on a retaining wall and came to rest in the fountain. The driver of the SUV was ejected about 100 feet.Authorities are waiting for Dolcater to wake up. They are also awaiting toxicology results.