Montague Township ,MI : 50- Years old Susan Cummings killed after hit-and-run crash on Saturday Morning ,August 8th 2015

A 50-year-old Lake Orion woman participating in a group bicycle ride across Michigan's Lower Peninsula has died in a hit-and-run accident, authorities said. Susan Cummings was part of a group biking 150 miles from west Michigan to Bay City. Cummings was trekking across the state to raise money for a good cause. Deputies said near the beginning of the bike ride, a pickup truck hit Cummings and took off. She was fatally injured around 7 a.m. Saturday in Montague Township in Muskegon County. Cummings was an avid runner and cyclist who had been training months for the event. One-hundred people were going to bike from the west side of the state out east as part of the One Day Ride Across Michigan. Cummings had planned to bike 150 miles Saturday to raise money for the Hope Water Project; the charity builds wells in Kenya. For years, the mother ran marathons to raise money for the charity. Cummings was riding with four other bikers when she was hit from behind by a pickup truck. Her teammate, Bill Clark, said the group was riding single file and that Cummings was near the back of the group when she was hit. Source: Bicyclist on trek across Michigan dies in hit-and-run crash