LOS ANGELES, CA : 1 hurt, car crashed in fights at Los Angeles protest on Thursday, 24th September, 2020

One person was hurt when a vehicle ran into a small crowd of people protesting police brutality in Los Angeles Thursday night, authorities said. The driver of a blue pickup truck got into an argument with demonstrators and struck the protester who was standing in the street as the driver tried to get away, police said in a statement. The protester was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. A few minutes after that incident, the driver of a white Prius also got involved in an argument with protesters and then tried to drive off, police said. A group of protesters in a black pickup truck chased down the white sedan and cut it off. They and another group of people in a green Mustang confronted the driver and banged on the sedan’s windows. “The driver of the Prius attempted to flee the area and reversed into a green mustang behind it,” the police statement said. Source

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