San Antonio, TX : Bridgeport man killed in a car crash at the I-95 service area on Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Bridgeport man was killed Thursday after his car crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer that was parked at the entrance of an I-95 service area in a non-parking zone. The fatal accident could raise the issue of where truckers can safely park to rest after making long drives. Lucky Keophannga, of Jackson Street in Bridgeport, was arriving at the southbound service area when his 2003 Mini Cooper struck the tractor-trailer truck. He turned 23 just three days ago. Truck drivers have long complained the state does not have enough parking spaces for them for their required rest times after making long hauls. When rest areas are full, truckers often park on the side of highways and exit ramps. The problem would likely worsen if Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s plan is approved to save $1.1 million by closing seven rest areas across the state. Federal regulations intended to reduce truck driver fatigue limit the number of hours a driver can work and requires them to take 30-minute breaks during the first eight hours of a shift. The regulations also required a mandatory rest period after extended hours on the job. Truck drivers are required to maintain a driver's log book detailing their duty hours and status. The seven rest areas Malloy would close — in Danbury, Southington, West Willington, East Willington, Wallingford, Middletown and North Stonington — have been in use for decades. Source : Deadly day on I-95