Weld County, CO : Lafayette teenager suffered serious injuries in car crash on Saturday January 2 2016.

A Lafayette teenager suffered serious injuries last weekend when she was thrown from an innertube being towed behind a car traveling 35 mph down a rural Weld County Road, authorities say.
The incident occurred Saturday evening on Weld County Road 22 near where it intersects with Weld County Road 19, about 2.5 miles northeast of Saddleback Golf Club, according to Trooper Josh Lewis with the Colorado State Patrol.
According to information gathered by a trooper who responded to the scene, two young people were riding on the tube while the driver, identified as 17-year-old Brandon Smith, pulled them in a 1998 Volkswagen Passat.As the tube slid behind the car at an estimated 35 mph, it skidded across two private driveways before hitting a dirt patch along the side of the road, Lewis said. The two riders, identified by investigators as 15-year-old Riley Meere and 18-year-old Israel Miles, were sent flying.
The female rider ended up hitting a wooden fence post, and the male rider landed near the fence," Lewis said. "He had minor injuries, and she sustained serious bodily injuries."
Both teens were transported by ambulance to Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Lewis said.
Riley has since been transferred to Children's Hospital in Aurora. Hospital officials on Wednesday said she remains in serious condition.
Her parents declined to comment on the accident through a hospital spokeswoman.
Miles, who has since been discharged from the hospital, took to his Facebook page on Sunday to talk about the harrowing incident. He and Riley attend Centaurus High School and are in a relationship, according to their Facebook pages.
Thank you everyone for the prayers and support. I have a concussion and a severely bruised hip and back, but I'll be all right," Miles wrote in post on Sunday evening. "Please keep Riley and her family in your prayers as they need it the most."
Just days after the accident involving the two Centaurus students, two people were arrested in Colorado Springs for a similar event.
One person was seriously hurt following an incident involving a sled pulled by a car in a Colorado Springs parking lot on Monday night, according to a report in The Gazette.
The man being towed suffered severe injuries of an unknown nature when the vehicle pulling him crashed into a parked car, according to that report.
The two people inside the car, identified as Michael Miner, 43, and Cassandra Caton, 27, were arrested on suspicion of vehicular assault and attempting to influence a public official after police said they lied about Miner being the driver at the time of the crash.
Colorado Springs police told The Gazette it is illegal to pull sled riders behind a car because it can be considered reckless endangerment.
It is not clear whether Smith will face any criminal charges or tickets for his role in Saturday's accident. The investigation into that incident is ongoing. The Colorado State Patrol does not believe drugs or alcohol were involved.
Speaking hypothetically, Trooper Lewis said he could see citing a driver who towed people on a sled with careless driving at least, and perhaps with the more serious charge of reckless driving.
In his view, he said the person behind the wheel must "know full well there is potential for injury to anyone being pulled."

Lafayette teen in serious condition after sled-towing crash

Weld County, CO :  Lafayette teenager suffered serious injuries in car crash on Saturday January 2 2016.